Birthday Party for Employees on March 2019

Birthday Party for Solutions employees who were born on March

Leave behind February with humid weather and drizzle typical of Southern Spring, March brings a bit of sunshine and a bit of hotness in the early summer days. This is also an opportunity for HR department to send the best greetings to members who have birthday in this March.

If the month of February is loved by the beautiful beauty of white milk flowers blooming all over Hanoi, then step through March, wandering around most of Hochiminh city’s dreamy streets, we will meet purple clusters of phoenix flower. This flower blooms only in the late spring and early spring but leaving an unforgettable impression for anyone who has set foot here.

Perhaps because of that, those who are born into phoenix flower purple also bring many characteristics that are easy to “impressed” with people around. They are the people who understand and believe in love. Sharpness and friendliness make them often lucky. And were born as an innate leaders so they always know how to succeed in life.

HR Department would like to wish all of you a birthday in the month to promote your ability and character to make good work, complete all the monthly and yearly plans. Specially wish you a warm and meaningful birthday and a new age with a lot of SUCCESS – HAPPINESS!