Unique corporate culture of Solutions – 5

Solutions is one of the few contractors who implemented the 5S practice and quality improvement tools throughout the project and office. Thereby changing the behavior and habit of each employee, this has brought positive effects and created a very unique corporate culture.

From offices, warehouses to construction sites of Solutions. Wherever there is activity, the place needs to be sorted, need to be classified, need to be clean. Without 5S activities, management and improvement cannot be executed. 5S prevents the degradation of the environment, creates ventilation and inspiration for the workplace.

5S include:

  • Sort: sorting through all items in a location and removing all unnecessary items.
  • Set in order: putting all necessary items in the optimal place for fulfilling their function in the workplace.
  • Shine: sweeping or cleaning and inspecting the workplace, tools and machinery on a regular basis.
  • Standardize: standardize the processes used to sort, order and clean the workplace.
  • Sustain: sustain the developed processes by self-discipline of the workers. Also translates as “do without being told”.             

With the slogan ” 5 minutes daily – 5 star project” 5S practice program in Solutions has created positive effects. The material is classified and arranged; clean, tidy office; The site is empty of waste, etc. Improving the quality of the working environment, promoting labor productivity.

Reference photo of 5S activities:

At operating office

Weekly 5S at construction site

Management team of SCK factory carrying out 5S activity

Site Manager must also participate in 5S activity