We promote an Ethical Workplace

Respect Others

We’re one team, but we represent many ideas, experiences and backgrounds. We value each other’s contributions and believe that everyone should have an equal chance to succeed—this is essential to advancing our goals and initiatives.

We act honestly

We will not defraud or deceive anyone, act dishonestly or misuse company property or resources

Bribery & Corruption

We will not give or receive bribes or participate in corruption

Uphold Human Rights

We are committed to fair employment practices everywhere we operate.

We do the right thing

Never Bribe

We compete for business based on the goodness of our products. We don’t offer bribes, accept bribes or let others bribe for you

Know the rules about gifts and entertainment

We don’t give or receive anything that is inappropriate.

Compete fairly

We outperform our competition fairly and honestly, but vigorously, and never use deception or misrepresentation or abuse confidential information to gain an unfair advantage over our competitors .

Keep accurate records

Integrity in our recordkeeping inspires trust by customers and business partners

We understand our Responsibility to Others

Preserve product  quality and safety

When it comes to our products, we never compromise. We care deeply about product quality and safety and make sure our products meet or exceed our own internal standards, as well as the standards set by laws, regulations and our industry.

Keep private information private

We respect the privacy of our customers, our coworkers and others with whom we conduct business, and we handle their personal information with care.

Respect our Partners

We value our business relationships and work to be a good, responsible partner. We choose the right partners and make decisions objectively, based on factors like quality, service, price, availability and reliability.

We make Safety Personal

Promote a safe SOLUTIONS

We value the safety and security of every employee. We look out for each other. We follow our safety procedures and promote a culture of safety, because our people are our greatest asset. Every employee is empowered to take immediate action for people safety regardless of role, title or responsibility.

Zero Harm vision

This means no injury or ill health caused by our work activities


We will lead by example and not idle talk