Solutions Value
1. Integrity - We always do what is right.
  • We are fair and open with everybody
  • We do not walk past what is wrong or unsafe
  • We keep our promises
  • We support everyone for doing the right thing
2. Teamwork - We are better together.
  • We listen to each other and share knowledge enthusiastically
  • We willingly combine our expertise
  • We work at creating excellent relationships
  • We act as if we are part of a bigger picture
3. Excellence - We strive to improve and exceed expectations
  • We go the extra mile to deliver
  • We do not tolerate underperformance in ourselves or in others
  • We will not compromise on safety or quality
  • We constantly look for innovative and creative solutions
4. Respect - We appreciate others and care about the wider communities.
  • We care about how our actions affect others and the wider environment
  • We treat everyone equally and embrace difference
  • We encourage everyone to achieve their maximum potential
  • We appreciate the skills and abilities of others
5 Reasons to work with Solutions
1. Personal and career development:

We invest in the potential of our people; we’re committed to high-quality development and accelerated development for those looking to progress more quickly.

2. Culture:

We’re proud of our inclusive culture. Our values of integrity, teamwork, excellence and respect are at the heart of everything we do. We appreciate others and care about the wider community.

3. Corporate responsibility:

We are a good employer and take our responsibilities for safety, sustainability and ethics very seriously. We are proud of our active commitment to a safe and healthy workforce, removing risk from all aspects of our business.

4. Listening:

We’re a team-based organization. We listen carefully to our people and to our customers so we can build an organization that meets their needs and aspirations. We regularly seek and act on feedback on what it is like to work with and for Solutions.

5. Empowerment:

We give more autonomy to employees which allows them to be trained in making decisions and being responsible for their areas of work. Management is less formal and open to positive criticism.

Highlights of Solutions


We have completed 100,000m2 ground floor with super flat floor standard FM2 for First Solar project.



We understand our client’s needs and expectations on every project we deliver, whilst using the experience and professional in house services with effective planning, integrity and close coordination among the organizations executing the work enable us to handle fast-track projects.

Customer Satisfaction

Always a reliable companion, ready to stand side by side with customers during the most difficult times. We always bear in mind that Solutions need to work harder, serve customers better. Delivering the highest satisfaction, creating absolute trust from customers is our top goal.