why solutions ?

B.I.M - Building Information Modeling

Solutions has deployed and applied the Building Information Modeling (BIMx) in design and construction stages. BIMx Hyper-models offer extremely smooth handling and outstanding performance for customer to interact with integrated 2D & 3D bulding project navigation via the use of daily devices such as tablet, smart phones, etc. Customer could even “walk” in the using VR technology

  • We provide optimium construction solutions and high quality services that can meet the requirements of customer in terms of cost, quality and time in fast track projects.
  • Development Strategy is always innovation and improvement.
  • Solutions is committed to providing work places which are safe, healthy and friendly environments where safe working practices are insisted upon. We want everyone to encourage responsible behviour and to contribute possitively to seeking safer and more productive ways to work.

Superflat floors are required where very narrow aisle trucks are employed to plcae and pick goods stacked to height over 8m. Since the lift truck travels the same route over and over, the smoothness of the wheel path in Superflat aisles becomes extremely important. High performance. low cost, safe operating environments are key benefits of Superflat florre installations.