As the global economy grapples with the tempestuous waves of recession in 2024, the construction industry continues to navigate uncharted waters. Amidst these challenges, Solutions stands as a beacon of resilience, steering its ship through the storm towards uncharted shores of success.


Marking another remarkable year, the company has flawlessly executed a series of pivotal projects, including the Nichirei TBA Logistics Viet Nam Cold Storage (USD 8.1 million), Fleming Facoty 03, APVN Sealing Factory, and Crystal Elegance Textiles Viet Nam. Since the dawn of 2024, Solutions has garnered the unwavering trust of esteemed clients, securing new projects of exceptional caliber, such as the Trelleborg Marine & Infrastructure Factory (USD 22 million), CETVN & Winning Factories Project, and Sew-Eurodrive Assembly Factory.


As we reflect upon the past eight years, a wave of emotions washes over us – a blend of nostalgia and pride, particularly for our long-standing employees who have been with Solutions since its inception.


Eight years may not seem like a long journey, but it has been a defining chapter, allowing us to firmly establish our position on every project we undertake. It is a testament to the unwavering unity of our team, our unparalleled reputation in the construction industry, and, ultimately, the glory of our achievements.


Solutions – Never Give Up!