The first half of 2020 is a difficult time for the construction industry in general and Solutions in particular. With its efforts and responsibilities, Solutions both ensures the quality and progress of each project with customers, and prevents and protects against pandemics.

At Sheico Project- Cu Chi District, a key project of the company in 2019 and 2020, the task of preventing and speeding up and ensuring quality is a problem to be found. By applying inspection procedures, measures to check body temperature when going in and out of the building are implemented and propagandizing sanitation workers every day through toolbox meetings. With abundant human resources and good control of preventive measures, the project schedule and volume are maintained. The milestones of the investor are always met by Solutions.

Disinfection before entering and leaving the site


Hand washing sinks and disinfectant solutions are located at various places in the works


Spraying and disinfecting works daily


Infrastructure work is implemented with a large number of worker


By May 29, Phase 1A of the Sheico Watersport project was basically completed and handed over to the investor to install the equipment. Phase 1 B is urgently deploying the remaining works to complete on schedule as committed to the investor.

Image of Sheico project on May 29


A corner of Sheico Watersports factory