QA / QC engineer is responsible to the QA / QC Team leader for ensuring that the construction site quality meets the project’s technical requirements and the Company’s quality regulations – policies. .

The responsibilities of QA / QC site engineers are as follows:

1. Construction measures:

Calculate and prepare important construction measures, and submit to PM / SM for approval.

Coordinate with the construction site to verify the important construction measures before implementing them.

Browse shopdrawing and sample materials for PM / SM to approve.

2. Control of construction quality:

Control the construction methods’ compliance with the Construction Division, after the construction methods have been approved.

Perform internal acceptance with the construction site before inviting PM / SM to take over and take over.

Sign the internal acceptance record with the construction site and the acceptance record with the Investor / Consultant.

Periodic assessment of the quality of construction teams and subcontractors to the Company.

3. Quality control of supplies:

Partial control of input materials in accordance with approved specifications and material samples.

Manage and track the implementation of all quality records: testing, CO/CQ certification, operating instructions.

Provide full quality materials records for QS department.

Periodic reports on the capacity of suppliers and subcontractors about the company.

4. Coordinating departments on the construction site and the company:

The Bidding, CCM, Purchasing Department coordinates and holds the technical requirements, procedures, rules, and standards of the project to implement the site properly.

Construction Department: conduct internal acceptance before checking with Investor / Consultant.

QS Department: provide complete quality records before payment / advance to the construction team, subcontractors, suppliers.

5. Other jobs:

Making reports as required by the job.

Other jobs required from Management.


1. University degree / Engineer specializing in civil and industrial construction, Economics of construction, ..

2. Having at least 02 years of working experience in construction companies or more.

3. Fluency in Autocad (mandatory), Excel, Word and other specialized software

4. Worked on project in Ho Chi Minh City



1. Income according to ability to meet job requirements.

2. Bonus holidays in the year, 13th month salary, year-end bonus, project performance bonus.

3. Insurance regimes prescribed by the state.

4. Travel, Health Insurance, periodic health checkups and other benefits according to the company’s regulations.

5. Good working environment, opportunities for advancement, training and development orientation