Owner : Fleming International Vietnam Ltd

Package : Design & Build

Location : Lot 506, Road 13, Amata Industrial Park, Long Binh Ward, Bien Hoa City, Dong Nai Province, Vietnam

Duration : 8 months

Area : 20.000 m2

Fleming International Vietnam Company has established since 2005 and been expanding, with the main business of producing scented candles for export, which are favored by customers around the world, especially in the America and Europe.
After less than 3 years since the commencement of the Fleming 02 factory (December 5th, 2020), Fleming has made great progress and that is marked by the next project called Fleming Factory 03. The whole project is built on a land of 20,000m2 with special architectural features, in the future Fleming Factory 03 will become one of the outstanding projects in Amata industrial park.