SOLUTIONS Handing over Van Lang Medical Center project – VLMC

With the guaranteed construction progress, site management board completed the final works to hand over the project to the investor Van Lang University put into operation.   At the project,

Update Sheico S1 project

With the success of the projects of investors Sheico, phases S4, S01, S01B … In May, Solutions is proud to hand over the S1 factory 15 days faster than the

Covid-19 epidemic prevention on the Solutions project

As we know, the Covid-19 pandemic continues to break out on a large scale that has more or less affected people’s psychology and quality of work. But, Solutions has always

Solutions Commencement of the Sheico Vietnam factory extension project – Phase N4

Solutions Commencement of the Sheico Vietnam factory extension project – Phase N4 As part of the plan to develop and respond to the increasing demand of the watersports market in the world. On the morning of March 29, Solutions together with Sheico Vietnam Co.,

Solutions held a groundbreaking ceremony for the Fleming Vietnam Factory 2 project

During the difficult period of the construction industry at the end of 2020, but with its efforts and experience, Solutions won the bid and held a successful groundbreaking ceremony for

Solutions won the contract and implemented the project F4 Noodle Manufactory – Masan MB Factory

At the beginning of August, Solutions was honored to become the contractor of construction, finishing and internal infrastructure package outside the F4 Noodle Manufactory – Masan MB Factory project. This

Solutions groundbreaking two new projects between 2020

Starting after the Covid-19 season, on June 24, 2020, Solutions held a groundbreaking ceremony of the IML Containers Vietnam Factory Project – Phase II at Hoa Binh Industrial Park, Thu

The schedule of Sheico Watersports project after the Covid-19 pandemic

The first half of 2020 is a difficult time for the construction industry in general and Solutions in particular. With its efforts and responsibilities, Solutions both ensures the quality and

Solutions accompanies Tuan Le Construction carry out the Swan Park – Nhon Trach District Project

In November 2019, the “Swan Park project” was officially launched in Nhon Trach District, Dong Nai Province. This project is invested by CFLD International. The project is built on 200,000m2