1. With the investor:
    With the investor:
    Review bidding drawings and construction drawings, calculate and review the actual construction volume and bidding volume, notify the QS Team Leader when there is a difference.
    Calculating the amount of increase / decrease in the construction process (when there is a difference between bidding drawings and construction drawings or with design changes)
    Make payment records to the Investor periodically and follow up.
    Carry out the settlement until it is completed.
  2. Construction teams:
    Check and summarize the total construction volume table of the team according to the assigned scope of work.
    Coordinate with supervising engineer to confirm the payment amount for the team periodically, in accordance with the acceptance volume according to the acceptance record provided by the QA / QC department.
  3. Subcontractors, Suppliers:
    Check the monthly order plan made by the Construction Department and confirm it before ordering.
    Make an order and submit it to SM for confirmation before sending it to the supplier.
    Check and summarize the total construction volume table of subcontractors. Confirm the payment amount to subcontractors periodically, in accordance with the acceptance volume according to the acceptance record provided by QA/QC department.
    Compilation of payment records for Suppliers in accordance with the freight forwarding and quality records provided by the QA / QC department.
  4. Track payment and update the site financial situation:
    Periodically update the monitoring data of construction site revenues and expenditures every 2 weeks.
    Information to the QS Team Leader on Subcontractors, Suppliers payment status, recommending cases of loss of overall financial control or arising expenses which have not been updated in the financial statements.
  5. Coordinate departments on the site and the company:
    Bidding Department, CCM: coordinating to review bidding volume and construction volume
    QA/QC Department: required to provide full quality records before payment / advance to Subcontractors, Suppliers.
    Site construction department: coordinates and implements an approved monthly order plan.
  6. Other jobs:
    Prepare reports as required by the job.
    Other jobs required from Management.


  1. University degree / Engineer specializing in civil and industrial construction, Economics of construction, ..
  2. Having at least 02 years of working experience in construction companies or more.
  3. Fluency in Autocad, Excel (mandatory) and other specialized software
  4. Worked on project in Nhon Trach District, Dong Nai Province


  1. Income according to ability to meet job requirements.
  2. Bonus holidays in the year, 13th month salary, year-end bonus, project performance bonus.
  3. Insurance regimes prescribed by the state.
  4. Travel, Health Insurance, periodic health checkups and other benefits according to the company’s regulations.
  5. Good working environment, opportunities for advancement, training and development orientation.